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17 Thoughts I Had While Reading Eleanor and Park

Have ya’ll read Elanor and Park cause if you haven’t you are missing out! This is a roller coaster of emotions!

  1. I already Hate Eleanor’s mom.
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2. Alright, I can get behind this bus romance

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3.Okay, love this book

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4. YES! Romeo and Juliet is NOT a love story! 10000000% agree!

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5. Park is the sweetest!

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6. The L-WORD!! OMGG I’m DEAD!

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7. Freaking Korean moms. I love them. Best character in the book.

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8. Eleanor is starting to get to insecure.

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9. Eleanor is going to break his heart. I see it happening.

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10. Park is perfect.

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11. YESSSSSS Park’s mom is the best!

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12. Oh no. This is not good.

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13. Not good. Not good.

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14. My heart. it’s breaking.

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15. She really said that.

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16. I hate Eleanor. I really do.

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17. Why does it end like this?

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Fangirl is beyond Relatable

This book! Woooowww! I won’t lie it was kinda slow for me when I got started, but I fell completely in love with this book! If you’ve read my review on Radio Silence You know how much I love that book, and I love this book maybe just a little bit more!

Like in Radio Silence, we follow a queen fangirl. Cath loves Simon Snow and is well known in the fandom for her fan-fiction writing. Unlike in Radio Silence, she is not asked to anything for the creator. We see her deal with reading and writing her fan-fiction wile starting college, trying to have a social life, get good grades, dealing with with anxiety, spending time with family, and keep up with a love life. Anyone knows that college is a struggle to begin with so she it is amazing that she is even trying to keep up with everything. is it the best representation of fandoms? No, but its fun and quirky!

We also have Cath’s win Wren who a a college freshman trying to live life to the fullest. She is often drunk and has been trying to move past her fangirl life and grow in a new group of friends. She wants to become her own person and her relationship with her sister starts t suffer. One of my favorite characters in this book is Levi. I love Levi, he is a dream boat. If you know anyone like him, send him my way. He is a beautiful character and I need a whole book about him! Probably one of the best male characters I’ve read in a while…sorry Maxon and Scoren!

Guys, go and pick up this book! You won’t regret it! If you do for some reason you can blame me.