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The Wicked Will Rise: Blogmas Day 2

The sequel to Dorothy Must Die was an interesting read. I feel like nothing really moved forward with the plot; it just took a turn. I LOVED Dorothy Must Die. It was magical and a story I hold dear to me with a twist that I love! Now here we are with the sequel, and I really don’t know what happened. This book was a filler like no other. It did have some really good parts, but it also had some parts that I don’t know why they were there. I can’t tell if I like this book or not. I read it in a day, but I never got absorbed in it. There was just so much that I feel like it was missing. We didn’t get the same sense of adventure as we did the last book. There was no big battle that would change OZ (although something else did happen).

Within the first couple of chapters, a second villain dies, along with a rat. This was the first thing wrong with this book. Why kill the rat? It was simply harmless, deserved a better death, and died in such a cliché way. I actually am genuinely disappointed that she died by getting eaten by a lion. Why not give it a heroic death? There was very little sadness, and seeing that it was Amy’s only thing form her mom or even home in general left, you would think that the death of the rat would have hit her more.

Then we have Pete/Ozma. I love that they ended up being the same person, but I don’t like the mix between them. The fight for control was really underwhelming and kind of just got in the way. Pete also careful and didn’t want to be near Dorothy or any of the “good” people of Oz. After a talk with Glenda, he just decides that she can help him? Yeah, he just found out that he might disappear after Ozma is cured, but still. The only book is about how she and Dorothy can’t be trusted, and then he just goes running to them? Which, in turn, kills a unicorn tiger, a fairy, and ruins a whole another land. That the end, he and Ozma are separated anyways by the wizard that be trusted.

Let’s talk about Nox for a second. He got lost while teleporting, so he ended up on the Island of the Lost. NOX GOT SOFT! He says being on the island made him think, but I feel like sitting by yourself on an island doesn’t make you that soft. Like he was all I want to talk about how I feel, and I don’t have many walls up anymore, who is this? Nox was one of my favorite characters from the first book, and right now, I can’t deal with him. Where is the old Nox? Is this not the real Nox?

I’m so excited to finish this series! These books are perfect for people who love the Wizard of Oz! I can’t get enough of these books! I’m so excited to see how this series will end. I honestly hope that maybe juts Dorothy will turn around and become good again.

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I got a Deadly Little Secret

I love a book published by Disney. I never thought that day would come..even when I was younger, I never liked Disney’s books. I decided to take a chance one day and picked one up. It’s been on my shelf for a couple years, and I decided to read it. Deadly Little Secret, by Laurie Faria Stolarz, is a book I really didn’t expect t like. I know I say that with a lot of books, but this book had a Disney symbol on it, so I was thinking that It would be bad cheesy, but it was a good cheesy!
On top of that, it was actually kind of suspenseful! It kind of gave me the same vibes that Netflix’s show You gave me. Every few chapters, there would be a letter or journal page that the villain has written, but his identity was not released until the end of the book. While the book its self was pretty short, I read in almost a day and almost stayed up all night reading it! I didn’t even pause to take notes about what I liked and disliked!

Stolarz writing definitely felt like is was aimed little kid, kind of Disney writing, but had a very good plot that had me wanting more. She wrote in a way where you got a lot of information, but also just kept you guessing about what happens next. She also wrote the villain in a way where I couldn’t tell if it was a boy, girl, friend, stranger, or even if they went to school with her! The letters honestly creeped me out a little bit. I got chills reading a couple of them. I loved not only that we got the main character’s view of what was happening, but also of the villain. For being a short book, I was pleased with the amount of detail that the author included in the story!

Now I’m super excited for book two! I really don’t know where the story is going to go, the hero and love interest of the book has left and I just have questions. Like what happened to Debbie? Has Ben’s reputation changed? Does Camellia’s friends like him now? What do they even know ? How different is her life? What happened to Matt? I’m so intrigued! I really need the second books guys!

All in all, I LOVE THIS BOOK! I would never have thought I’d like a Disney book this much! 10/10 would recommend! Especially if you want a quick read! This book might just be the best book that Disney has ever published!  This book was full of surprises and I just still don’t even know who to trust!